Monster zipper pouch - SET for the 5x7 and the 6x10 hoop - ITH - In The Hoop - Machine Embroidery Design File, digital download

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Monster pouch in the hoop!

This monster is a cute kids 'worry doll' it eats all the problems and keeps you kid 'safe'.

It can hold a smart phone, keys......etc

Fully lined with NO raw edges!

Only one small seam has to be closed in the lining after finishing.

All made in the hoop.
3 seperate hoopings in total (horns - arms and legs and the monster itself).

Included in this SET: The 5x7 (13x18 cm) and the 6x10 hoop size (16x26 cm).

We also sell this monster pouch for the 5x7 (13x18 cm) hoop and for the 6x10 (16x18 cm) hoop.